Thomas Vimare


The fastest way to make plans with your friends on Snapchat

About the project

We started to experiment on various consumer mobile products during our free time with Louis and Guillaume as Haveagoodtime.

What’s YAS! and why we built it?

YAS! is an fun and simple app to let your friends know you’re free to hang. We went in the South of France for 7 days to build the product. Our vision was to connect you in real life with people you care about. Teens from 13 to 18 have tons of free time and matching schedules but are still struggling to find a cool way of letting their friends know they’re available.

And what about the brand?

We wanted to create something really simple, strong and consistent with Snapchat to automatically assign our identity to them. We spent few hours to brainstorm about what should be a nice name to represent a fun gimmick a user could response to our stickers. YAS! was born.

How it works?

Making plans on YAS! is as simple as selecting the type of plan that matches your mood, taking a selfie with our cute stickers and then posting it to your Snapchat story. Once your friends swipe up, they can notify you that they’re free to join. Our goal was to build an empathic and spontaneous product and what a better partner than Snapkit to help us do that.

You instantly see which friend is down to meet you in your Inbox and we allowed users to open Snapchat to chat directly.

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