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The banking alternative for the new generation

About the project

Kard empowers young people to take control over their money by offering them a bank that is cool, social and free.

Brand Identity

Branding is core to the Kard experience, from marketing, to cards or videos. We have a strong identity that allow our users to empathize to our brand and want them be part of something bigger than just a bank. Kard is a lifestyle, our brand is bold, fun and unique.

Meet Kardy

We teamed up with the amazing Makata Studio to work on a mascot that fits our brand. We’ve created it together with our beloved team of teens Ambassadors. We want our users to have a banker that looks like them, it’s also adding a playful and unique asset to the brand identity.

Fastest onboarding for Teens & Parents

It takes parents one-click to approve the account. Then they can send money instantly and set a recurring allowance. Kard wants to empower teens with their own bank account, their own IBAN and their own Mastercard debit card. Instead of controlling every expense, parents can just top up the Kard account and let their child spend it however they want.

Manage all your expenses

Kard is a banking product, so transactions are at the core of the product. We're also adding unique social features, because that's part of our DNA.

The bank for your Squad

During our beta phase we reached 50K users on the waiting list. We tried few experiments to reward the most engaged users of our community. One of them was to create a School competition to unlock cards to all students from the winner school.

Share with your friends where you spend

During all our users interviews, we heard a lot that something important for teens is Deals. They're always looking for ways to save money. We worked on few explorations including deals marketplace or Maps to discover trending places of your friends or around schools.

A Bank for the Gen Z

Our product is focus for a specific demography, and we're building it with them. We're the first bank in France to provide intuitive connect with Snapchat.

Kard Website

We worked on a website that targets mostly parents. Our goal is to reinforce trust between us and them.

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