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Chat anonymously with people who stay up all night

About the project

We started to experiment on various consumer mobile products during our free time with Louis and Guillaume as Haveagoodtime.

What’s Goodnight™ and why we built it?

Some studies showed us that America’s young people are suffering from a lack of meaningful connection and according to a study published in the American Sociological Review: one in four people have no confidantes at all…

We wanted to create a new fun and original way to meet new people online. Did you ever gather around a campfire at night with your friends to confess your deepest feelings? that’s the experience we tried to re-create.

Why do the late night conversations feel so deep?

A lot of articles explain why late night conversation are so important and special. At night we stop having to think about what’s happening around us, there’re fewer distractions like noise, school or work and it’s usually the time where we’re developing our best ideas.

Indeed, the brain is more active during night time, we’re being the best version of ourselves. Pillow talk always seem to hold more weight and teach you more about a person. It seems to reach a deeper form of honesty than talking to someone during the day.

“We are affected emotionally and physically by the movement of the sun and moon. During the daylight, we are more active, and at night, we become more relaxed and receptive.” – Alyssa Gaustad, co-founder of the Naam Research Institute.
Discover the first ephemeral late-night community!

Goodnight™ is a free, simple and fast app to connect with random fun, creative and curious people while they are still awake.

Sessions starts at 07PM and ends at 07AM (local time). Join the app at this time and interact anonymously and securely with night owl.

Every night is unique, all content will be deleted each day. Discuss about any subject, anonymously. Have deep conversations with your late-night companions. No history, no ads, no spam, no bots.

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